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Certified Organic Clothing at The Organic Livings


The Organic Livings offers Organic Clothing, garments/ textiles made from organic fibers and natural colors that are good for you and the environment. Unlike regular manufacturing, we do not use synthetic dyes or toxic chemicals that can penetrate the skin and cause health issues. The naturally dyed garments and textiles we offer promote well-being by eliminating harmful chemicals from the everyday routine. Designed to make you look good and feel good, The Organic Livings makes apparels and textiles are good for your body, mind, and soul.

Good for You

( With organic cotton and natural dyes, we make it easy to create a healthy home and healthy life )

Good for the Planet

( Eco-friendly organic and sustainable fabrics certified by GOTS. Herbal dyeing reduces pollution and harm caused to the environment by regularly dyed textiles. )

Good for People

( The production process and the people involved in production do not handle any harmful chemicals as the process is organic )

Good Design

( Nature-inspired prints, functional Designs, and premium fabrics that are inspected for quality )


Rupal Nadar
Delhi, India

I purchased the serene rust pink Co-Ord set from The Organic Livings. Comfortable, functional and above all easy on nature gone organic and loving it... Every bit of the fabric loves you back and the colour soothes your eyes.. someone said love the planet and it will love you back. This piece is the epitome of comfort and love.. I am an unwavering fan of the products and I can't recommend it more.. trust me they make u feel very light and natural.

Dr. Pinky Poddar

Wow! I can't believe these are just amazing baby swaddle. 100% pure good quality muslin used, 100% herbal fabric and naturally dyed. Soft, comfortable and most importantly the stains get easily get washed off. Just go for it without a second thought.

Mumbai, India

Hi, felt great to use an organic product in fabric space, truly a game changer in India. Sleeping on this bedsheet is a therapeutic experience and way towards 'satvic' living.

Dean D. US

Love it so much

"Short dress in a printed viscose weave with a round neckline, opening with a button at the back of the Seams with small frill trims at the waist and on the sleeves and skirt. Unlined."

Handcrafted Organic Clothing & Textiles

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The Organic Livings

Are you looking for a piece to add to your wardrobe? Choose the organic way! Organic cotton clothing benefits the environment, farmers, and those who wear the garments the most. Due to its breathability, organic clothing is a delight to wear. It will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and it will last far longer between washes than synthetic fibres. It's time to re-evaluate and change to a different fabric or clothing material. Our garments are 100% chemical free and naturally dyed.

 The fabrics have colours drawn from medicinally rich plants, roots, stems, flowers, and barks. Some of our colours are derived from natural minerals. We care about our impact on the environment as a brand; this is why we use reusable fabric bags for storage and naturally biodegradable courier bags for shipping. By purchasing organic cotton apparel, a customer can develop into a responsible citizen who is fully aware of how important it is for everyone to protect the environment. Everyone will be reminded that natural products are ultimately healthier and more affordable by wearing organic cotton clothing.

Organic clothing brands apparel has advantages that cannot be expressed in quantity or money. Clothing made of organic materials keeps one secure and at ease.

About The Organic Livings

The Organic livings is working to revive the age old art of medicinal/natural dyeing which was practiced in various parts of India. We make natural garments and textiles popularly known as Ayurvastra. Alongside, we combine natural dyes with various other hand printing techniques and work to revive the lost art of natural dyeing and printing. The Organic Livings offers Organic textiles made from organic fibers and natural colors that are good for you and the environment.Unlike regular manufacturing, we do not use synthetic dyes or toxic chemicals that can penetrate the skin and cause health issues.The naturally dyed garments and textiles we offer promote well-being by eliminating harmful chemicals from the everyday routine.Designed to make you look good and feel good, The Organic Livings makes apparels and textiles are good for your body, mind, and soul. The Organic Livings makes garments and textiles that are good for your body, mind and soul.

 Sustainable Clothing

Our organic women's clothing is sustainable and cost-efficient at The Organic Livings. You can feel more at ease wearing clothes and worry less about health and medical difficulties by choosing apparel that is made organically, which reduces exposure to allergens and other dermatological problems. You then avoid paying for expensive hospital or surgical treatment because of skin problems or, at the very least, medication.

Safety Standards

Because of the stricter production regulations followed by manufacturers, organic clothing is safer. Adhering to very high ethical standards and other international movements that promote organic cotton is done to reduce any adverse effects on the environment and ensure the value of the products for the customers.

 Shop Conveniently

Another reason The Organic Livings is one of the best online providers of organic clothing brands is that it offers a convenient way of shopping. Size options are available for your favourite styles, and you can choose different options to ensure your order will fit you well. Please refer to our product descriptions and high-resolution images to help you make the best buying decisions. Whether you wish to pay by card or cash-on-delivery, you can select your payment method. Whether at home or work, a hassle-free shopping experience awaits you. Also, you can shop for your family, friends, and loved ones and take advantage of our services. Choose from our women's home wear and other organic apparel and add it to your cart now!